Friday, September 3, 2010

Birdcage & High Tea

So its been a wonderful relaxing week off work doing pretty much NOTHING. I've sat on my arse & stared into space (wait I do that at work......not), read my book, wrote recipes in my recipe book (trying to do something a bit more tidier and prettier), I watched movies & tv shows, I browsed the net looking at photography, art work & places overseas.
Wedbesday however - becuase the weather was so damn fine - I took a walk over to Ponsonby & down Franklin Road to watch them move the Birdcage (or Rob Roy Hotel). Dad wanted photos of it. They are moving it 40m up Franklin Road to build a tunnel underneath it & then after a few months & the tunnel is complete they will be moving it back. What I saw was really just the hotel half way through its move & not doing much - think they moved it a few millimetres while I was there but I wouldnt of noticed. Anyways here are some of the pix I took:
So you see tracks here that they slide it along. The two brown metaly things (great new name for them by the way) are what they used to slide it along mm at a time.
Alot of people came to check it out
The details of the move - hmm guess I should make that larger so you can read it? Nah just go online
From the other side
The fence here is pretty much its old location before it was pushed back
How much they still had to move it
It will prett much sit up against the wall there in the background

Pretty amazing really. They had a full time photographer onboard there documenting the move. Now that would be an ok job. Nothing glamourous but your photos would be part of history & thats pretty awesome.

So today Shelley and I went to the Stamford Plaza and had ourselves a High Tea morning tea/breakfast. We were brought out a stand with club sandwiches, scones with Jam & Cream, then a few lil differnet desserts :O) It was fun. We were sooo full after while we popped into a costume shop to try on outfits for Shell & Marks Circus party in November. Bumped into Nikki there as well, she was trying to find a costume for her sisters 21st.
Here are some photos of the food & us from the High Tea:
Bubbles for Shellz
Look at our Yummy Food - we all all bar two things, arent we lil piggies lol!
Me peek-a-boo over the food
Mmm club sandwiches, yes we were good girls & started off with savoury
And then moved onto warm fluffy sultana scones with jam & cream, then chocolate ones after - om nom nom nom
Then a mixture of cute lil treats. We halved the two on the right, & left the nut ball
Enjoying chocolate scone with cream
Pretty aaaaand tasty - bonus!
Shell enjoying her choco hail ball
Me about to enjoy my berry delite thingy

Fun! Well tonight I am heading over to Nikkis and tomorrow Katie, Nikki & I are heading down to Tauranga for Laura's Hens night. Dont know what we are doing but I better get baking as we need to bring a plate. So until then enjoy a sneak peak at Vampire Diaries Season 2 & the eye candy afterwards:

Ian and Paul as the Salvatore Brothers from Vampire Diaries

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