Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer where for art thou Summer?

And summer… where all you hope for is another. And summer, and summer… where night belongs to lust and lovers. And summer, and summer… and I am here to win you over.
- Lyrics by Dashboard Confesssionals from their song Warmth of the Sand
I went to my lil sisters place tonight for dinner and my goddes I didnt realise how cold it had gotten this winter till I was there. It was sooo freaking freezing. I wasnt exactly dressed right I guess, but living in a 54 square m apartment that is always toasty warm. I mean if I wanted to I could walk round naked and it would be alright. But I realised I have forgotten what its like to be cold. So now when it really is cold I get alot colder than anyone else around me does. Among the positive of never being cold at home at night the other positive is is that I am less likely to get sick. YAY! Becuase I dont like being ill. I mean I will catch something if I catch something but not being cold all the time lessens the chance. Anyways apart from the cold my sister cooked a tasty dinner for me - a vegetable oven baked fritatta. Never had one before it was nice. She also made a salad which I havent had in so long and totally enjoyed but I couldnt eat it all as was too cold on my teeth haa haa. Anyways hung out with her and saw Pam whom I havent seen in zonks which was also nice. Passed her on Vampire Diaries Season One, she already let me know she has watched episode 1 and is enjoying it. I told her prior that both the hotties from the show are my husbands, I will not steal Daniel Craig from her haa haa

Anyways so because I was cold I was pining for summer. Thats what made my put the lyrics up. I miss walking along the beach and swimming. Its not all bad though we have hardly had any rain and rain always makes it a sorrowful time. We will get to summer soon enough. In the mean time there is extremly exciting things like my beautiful Jo's due date is this sunday. She thinks she will be late though. Also Cathie is due soon too. With 2 little bubba's waiting to be born how depressing can winter really be? Not very I tell you.

Well people sorry to cut you off short but its time for bed at 11.26pm I think I need to sleep

Nite Nite all
Enjoy this eye candy:

Excuse the horrible "perve it up" words. I mean thats what we are doing but its so crass
Anyways the amazing Johnny Depp - we all love you Johnny you seem to have such a kind soul. Your acting is amazingly unreal thank you x

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