Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spring Clean Bug

So this arvo I got the spring cleaning bug and went through all drawers and cleaned up my mess. Felt good. Even been tidying up files on my pc. I swore this one wouldnt be a mess. So far its only slightly messy. Shelley will be proud to know that that I have decdicated a whole drawer to make up now. I doubt it will ever be full as little as it is but so far there is a drawer especially for it hee hee
Got out taking some photos over the weekend. Which was great. Wont delve into it too much as its a birthday gift for someone. So you can see those pics after birthday has been and gone. I will show you the sunset pics I took though, beaut:
Photos were taken over in Pakuranga. I was driving home and just jumped out of car to take pics. Lovely shots :O)
Yay Jo had her bubby today. Lil Connor Gabriel Hart. Photo up on FB already. Congrats Ian and Jo cant wait to meet the lil man x
Last night there was a lunar eclipse. So even took a coupla pics of that as well. I love watching Lunar Eclipses. They put you in a state of awe. People get excited about seeing them. Its neat to look at things that happen outside of the everyday and off even more amazingly not on earth. I dont have the right camera for it but here are just a couple pics I took from the last of the eclipse last night:
Reading a website my dad sent me, it gave 10 facts about Lunar Eclipses. A lunar eclipse it pretty much when Earth gets in the way. The moon shines becuase it reflects sunlight. When the earth moves into a certain position on its course around the sun. Well it gets in the way of the sunlight the moon is reflecting and causes a shadow over the moon. However they can only occur at full moon - something I wasnt aware of. Learn something every day. Tonight the moon is beautiful, she is heavy and full and huge in the night sky. Looking extremly bright and beautifully georgous in the night sky.
I also took these photos - yes was nice to be taking photos again. I havent properly taken any since Jo's maternity shoot. Its too long for me

This is the sun shining behind some trees at Cornwall Park
And a neat old tree

As for the Yule celebrations. I ended putting up very little decorations as I didnt get down to storage to get them out. But there were a couple Chrissy decorations up that were right for it. I spent time with family on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was with G's family for his Nana's 80th at Cobb N Co at Western Springs. Even had a nice Roast Pork lunch with Christmas Pudding for desert. Sat night spent it with good friends. And Sunday had a family dinner with mum, sister, lil cuz Stone & G - Nachoes on the menu, with home baked Apple Pie for desert mmm tasty. So that went down well. We sorta gave a gift but it was more a birthday gift than a Yule one, but that was ok. Just felt nice to celebrate the Sabbat in a nice way again.
And thats really all there is to say.
Eye Candy for the update:

A few people actually. The Cast of True Blood  - A Season 3 Poster

Have a great day

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