Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whats a girl to do when she has a lotta shit on her mind?

Oh soo the last 3 weeks at work have been stock take, stock recording, stock correcting, stock tranfers, moving stock from location to location, entering in values for stock, correcting part numbers and checking they match with whats on the shelf. I'm kinda over this stock take. I knew the task would be big as we are getting all the stock in my room into our system called SAP so that the ins, outs, purchases, movements and so on are better recorded. And its all a part of still making the move from the Infinity system to the Fujitsu System. Its not somehthing I mind too too much honestly I mean I dont care what the task is so long as I'm paid for it. Hell I even proof read the Yellow Pages once and I totally didnt mind as I was paid $16 per hour. That was alot folks for 5years ago for lil ol me who was still living at home and hadnt quite found a full time job yet. But OMG the repetitiveness can bore the living dead out of ya. As alot of my close family and friends are aware I have ADHD. Nothing serious I got told I was 'innatentive only' go figure? I didnt pay attention in class hmm no that totally wasnt the case it was becuase I didnt understand what the hell the teacher was saying my attention did indeed drift. But can you blame any kid for that. Attention to detail - when it interests me Im ya girl. I notice things that no one else would until its physically pointed out to them. My mum always said I should of been a detective becuase I had the innate ability to see beyond the square naturally and not many people can actually do that. Two of my previous boyfriends said to me every aspect that is ADHD describes every person one way or the other. Every trait that is clinically ADHD is something that everyone has. Yeah I dont doubt the serious similarities. But did you go in and out of councelling sessions as a young kid becuase they were trying to figure out why all the other kids in your class could learn 8x5 but not you? No I didnt think so. Something about me is different, I was diagnosed and eventually went through a course of Ritalin. After my body setteled into it I would say that the largest thing I noticed was my mind became quieter. I used to think about a gazillion different things, and yeah that sometimes made it hard to concentrate. My mind was always thinking about what would happen if I did this? What will I eat tonight? Normal people thoughts right. But all of them speeding through my mind sometimes making it hard to actually dechiper the actual thought. Ritalin and boom my thoughts slowed down, they started making sense, not so many of them came. It was like I had a door and some sorta red light thingy put on my thoughts. Before they would all just rush onto the acknowlede thoughts part and they woul be jammed in the door way trying to get through all craming up against it all trying to get through at the same time. Then the door was closed and you had to press a button to take your turn to get through. Sure I still have a few thoughts that back log a bit but now I can make sense of what most of them are. I cant tell you the relief that was for me.
Annnnyyyyway back to the original point (yup another ADHD trait - rambling hence why its called Rianna's rambles I often never shut up) anywho what was the original point? Ah thats right stock take. Yea the repetitveness drives me a little batty. I always need to break and get away from my desk. Or just break the rountine and do something else. I have next week of stock stuff as well. That shall be fun! Yeah Right!
Luckily I am a multi talented woman. I am Fire Warden for the floor with another lady, first aider and Health and Saftey officer on our floor. So with those things their comes meetings, training and checking. My training of late has been Manual Handling - training the engineers on my floor and basement how to lift a heavy box correctly while supporting the spine correctly and so on. Its been good just tried to make the training sessions easy & quick but informative. No one likes these sessions so if you can speed them along then all are happy.
I have in the past been a part of interviewing for the position of warehouse coordinator in my team. So I helped HR put together questions and got together with one of the ladies and interviewed numerous people for the role. Tell ya that was pretty fun. Rather intersting as well. I felt so sorry for the people who were terribly nervous as you know just how they feel. Other multi talents I have within work include receptionist. Not that I have done that since we hired our new full timer but was helping out at lunch breaks once a week then eventually once a day. It got a bit boring in the end as I wasnt able to do any of my day to day work from that desk. Alot of my role includes phone calls to suppliers and engineers and you couldnt quite do that on reception. I will say though that it was good to have the opportunity to do. I also do tea, coffee and sugar refils for each level, and keep an eye on the first aid room. Phwoar what a busy bee. I dont mind though it gets me moving around and keeps me entertained. My poor coworker Joanne is lumped with most of the inbox while Im off doing all this though. But I think thats ok with her as its in her little safe comfortable box - isnt it Joanne? x and she's good at what she does so all good. Soon I can add 'changes tape drives' at 3 different sites daily to that list of what else I do. One place will even include a thumb print reader. Yes I will be a part of the system - hmm not too sure yet if I feel its a bad thing or an I dont care thing. Must be I dont care as I havent made a decision.
Tomorrow night is Poker Night with mates round at Katie and Simons. I was going to be having Gareth join us there for the once in a blue moon appearance, but his grandad passed away monday so we are heading to a funeral saturday moring. Your asking why does that stop him from coming to poker? Well its because he will be paking for the road trip he is about to head on with his good mate Keir and they leave saturday arvo now becuase of the funeral. He was going to go straight to Keirs from Poker.
Hmm all this sharing with you has gotten me thinking. Over the last few weeks more and more people have been talking about the breech of privacy and so on over the internet. Facebook being one of the big culprits. Identity theft and getting into bank accounts and so on. So I have done what I can to secure my fb page a little better. So that only friends can see it. Problem is I have about 400 odd "friends" (haa haa funny stuff more like 20) and all my options on their are for "friends only" meh you get that I suppose. Also have been asked not to put certian things up for certain people and comments and so on. While I completely respect their privacy and totally dont do it if they request or something its a tiny bit annoying. No not the peoples requests just annoying that people are who they are and you get some that break the rules. Of course NOTHING is ever ever ever going to change what goes on we just gotta make it harder for them but it just sux that it happens. And then here I am posting all my thoughts for the whole world to see. Currently it seems only friends and the occasional random will read the boring maybe midly entertaining garbage that spews from my mouth but its here for the world to see. Do I become worried about this and "censor" what I write or do I go fuck it, you know you only live once and this site was created for my friends and family to see what I get up to and also a way for me to get off my chest thoughts that cross my mind. So far the most of the site has been fine in the sense that I write what Im up too how I feel and so on. But occasionally like tonight I might decide that I want to go on about nothing and everything. Life it is interesting and intriguing and you only get one chance why dont you enjoy the ride while ya here - am I right? Yup.
I have numerous things that entertain me. Photography, music, tv, being around friends and family and also being outside doing all sorts to name a few. I have interests in so much that someone who knows me might get the impression that I like what the fad happens to be at that time. I cant tell you how untrue that is I havent got a clue what the latest trend is in anything fashion or otherwise. Maybe its not the latest fad then, maybe its that I like anything and everything pretty much. But what I love the most are Photography, Music and time with Friends and Family. I have interests in certain studies. hmm not really sure how to word that one - what I mean is religious studies intrigues me deeply. I may not completely understand it or have intelligent responses in conversations but all religions fascinate me. I know which ones Im more inclinded to favour and which ones I am more inclined to lean away from. But all in their own way intrest me. I wanted to do religious studies at school once. I didnt think I was quite up to grasping the whole picture of it or not you see. I think also that Anthropology is enthralling. Science captivates me, the human body science, plant and animal science, all kinds of science. Im one of these people that think cloning is a good thing becuase if it creates Sue or Bob an arm or leg or even lung where the part was missing then why not. Make their life an improved one - better no thats alot. Improved yes. Science for cures, wow think about it pretty amazing stuff. Dont go all ruddy pc who freaking cares. These guys fix things. They dont fix things also but was'nt it Thomas Edison who failed at something like 1,000 (some 5,000, some 10,000) bulbs or something before he found the right thing he was after: "I have not failed 1,000 times, I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways how NOT to make a lightbulb!" - and wonderfully said. Funny that it was actually Sir Joesph Swan who invented the lightbulb - Edison just invented a more effective, practical, model. Edison got it right but together they created something that will last forever. So there is another thing that amazes me: Inventors. Da Vinci, Edison, Alexandra Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Jacob Davis  - who is he you ask? Only the inventor of our beloved jeans & eventually denim jeans. Bless we all love denim jeans. Yes Jacob was a tailor who used copper rivets to reinforce & strengthen items such as harnesses. He had a lady in 1871 approach him to make pants for her husband who was rather large. Davis decided to use the copper rivets to reinforce stress points in the pants. At the time Davis made tents and wagon covers with cotton duck cloth, an off-white canvas type material he brought off Levi Strauss & Co a San Francisco merchant. Davis' copper-riveted pants & overalls, made of duck cloth and later denim sold well. Worried that others were pirating his product heasked Levi Strauss to support him in a patent application. He offered to share the rights with them. Levi agreed and the patent was approved May 20 1873. Davis partnered with the company & eventaully became manager. He ended up keeping this role till he passed in 1808. - See I find it interesting becuase all my life I thought Levi was the inventor of Jeans. But it was Davis all along. Not that I mind the two of them made sure that my favourite item of clothing can still be purchased to this day and is famous the world over. (Rianna side track lol) So yeah they are inventors I think are amazing. Other things are Cosmology and Spirituality (new age movement - seems silly to use these words but it was hard finding something that encompassed it all) - and all aspects surrounding it. I mean I cant help it I was named after a Welsh Witch. So naturally I would take an intrest in what started off as Witchcraft and what I later learnt was Wicca or Paganism depending on who your talking to as both can be the same to some people or entirely different comelete seperate things (refer: ) it can be all 3 really. This one I have to say is my favourite. The studies around it are sooo fascinating, and endless and I just love it immensly. Its just something I LOVE! Please note a Pagan is a country dweller aaaaand thats all I'll say there becuase I know how many arguments there always are around Wicca and so on.
Anyways I think I have typed enough. Its almost bed time. Here is the man candy for today:
Gerard Butler om nom nom nom
ooo hope that one shows? It has a red cross

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