Sunday, February 28, 2010

Im soooo clumsy

So as it turns out my middle name is clumsy. Im forever walking into the corners of walls, into cabnits, corners of desks, banging my head on things, tiping over things, dropping things. And you think I can paint my nails and not bang into something while they are drying? Nope. Im a clumsy tard lol! O well thats just what makes me Rianna. Just brought this up as I have painted my nails and I walked into something and damaged them. Also Gareth went to do something and proceeded to take off a big chunk of the drying colour. I will be redoing them.
Again I got in the mood the other day to completely rewrite my book. It just wasn't flowing, it was happening to quick and I wasn't happy with it. Its not until you start a book and want to be serious about it that you realise just how hard it actually is. Thats the frustrating part about it for me. I was really hoping that I would be halfway finished by now. But I just keep being unhappy with the result. Sure there are things with what I have been writing that I am going to work with but I need to do it in a way Im happy with. You are your worst critic. Eventually I will finish it.
So since Thursday I haven't really done much its been very quiet actually. Friday night was quiet just watched The Proposal and stayed home. Sat during the day did the food shop and chores around home. Saturday night went over to my cousin Shelley's place and we went down into a bar called Mainstreet on the Main Street of Henderson for Topless Waiter night. It was pretty fun. It was a tropical themed night. Beach unbreallas, we got Lei's on the door and a free cocktail with the entry fee. Shelley got me to enter the raffle that was to win a man for the night - one of the 3 topless waiters. He strutted his stuff to us all and was won by some chick who seemed pretty fun. Vodka Cruiser hats were passed out to all the ladies and then there was limbo competitions, and hoola hoop competitions. Shelley did really well at both. She won a Vodka Cruiser bikini for being in the finals for the hoola hoop competition. Later on in the night there was another raffle for a pamper pack to be won which Shelley won on a number I got her to enter with. And I eneded up getting a Vodka Cruiser bikini out of it and 2 vodka cruiser kaftans. Here are a coupla pix from the night:
Shelly and Me with the Topless Waiters
Shellz looking hot
Me looking funny in the hat
Girls having fun
A topless waiter
Here is your eye candy for today
Raffling off the guy in the red lei
The guys joinging in the limbo
Runner up to limbo
The cool decorations in the bar. Yes thats sand
Shell and one of the waiters, she was showing off her pamper basket here but I didnt photograph that oops
Hoola Hop competition and one of the waiters joined in but he failed a bit. Shell did well. This chick in the front in the grey there on the left, she won, she was also the chick who won the waiter for the night
One of the waiters with his hoola hoop
It was a pretty fun night over all
Sunday have just relaxed around home. Watched second hand wedding and have been lazy all round really. But has been a nice relaxing weekend doing pretty much nothing.
I found this really pretty alcohol bottle on the internet the other day and wanted to share it with you. Its called Bols Ballerina. Its got a ballerina inside the bottle. She is most commonly in a red skirt but there is also a white one. On the bottom it has a wind up bit and she dances to The Skaters Waltz. Apparently it was mass produced back in 1957. There was Creme de Menthe, Gold Liqueur, Apricot Brandy and Curacao Triple Sec. The Gold Liqueur was also called Bride’s Tears, enjoyed at weddings, representing joy or sadness
Wind her up - No alcohol in this one
Pretty photography of the bottle
Apparently this is 24carat gold flecks. But its odd that that should be the case when the bottles are only worth about $20NZD
In the white dress
Dont you reckon its pretty. I would really like a bottle for myself. Id like to find i with the alcohol and flecks still inside but either way its pretty.

Here is some Eye Candy for the night - I will be going to bed soon so there wont be more
Taylor Kitsch - Gambit from Xmen Wolverine Chronicles

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