Friday, May 18, 2012

Nik Naks are my undoing

Okay I have a serious nic-nack purchasing problem (& not the food its tid bits, junk, useless things). I just came out of the pharmacy after going in for pain killers & came out with those, bobby pins, a cheap nail polish & these hair ties that also double as a bracelet as they have these cool silver thingies on them.

WHY??? Why did I need to buy them? Okay so the bobby pins are because mine have all mosteriously disappeared & I keep going to use them & found they are never there. But the nail polish & hair ties really? Argh & you can't take things back for a refund. I wonder if I can take it back for store credit though when I need shampoo & conditioner? What is my problem? How do I get out of this stupid nic-nak purchase disorder? This is why I find it hard to save as I'm always buying retarded lil things like this. Haa Haa my mum just said to me last night when I was going on about saving 'You need to stop buying crap' - well that went in one ear & out the other didn't it?

Hmm time to put my foot down on this. If I can achieve running a 10k I can kick this in the butt.
Wait a minute...
Haa just walking down the road leisurely home & look up for 2 secs & some guy passes & in his Nigerian accent I hear 'sexy' heh heh damn right I am :) Now I don't feel so bad for buying junk.

Oh & update on the running business went out again last night for a run with sister. Was second one because of Germany but it was already marginally easier. Wee noticeable improvement. A lot of walking tomorrow then run again on Sunday :)

Actually, I do its so good :O)

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