Thursday, May 10, 2012

From couch to 10k

My way to 10k

So I have decided that I am going to run my very first ever 10k run. Why in the world am I starting at 10k first and not 5 you may ask? Especially for someone who isn't much of an exerciser, someone who only just ran her first ever 1k this year & hasn't exactly done it again? Well the answer is Cancer!
Yep I'm entering the UK Race For Life. My sister put me onto it. She wants to get back into running. I need to exercise so it's really good to have a goal, something to work towards & do it for something positive as well.

Last night went for my first run/walk. Left knee did a bit of a collapse while jogging & the hip randomly had the same sort of collapse but not falling thing happen. Both a bit tender today but by giving a break should be okay. I will need to purchase new running shoes come payday as these ones I use are almost completely tread bare, my foot doesn't stay in them properly & yeah well new shoes are in the budget of I'm to serious gotta look after myself while running.

Tonight I'm just going to rest by walking where I would normally run. I fly to Germany on Friday evening but with a bit of tourist luck I will be doing a fair amount of walking during the 4 days I'm there :)

Till next update about it all
Adios amigos

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