Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whats not to like?

So here you are another update for my blog. There is just not really alot to write about. 

K so what dont I like about London? So far just the water from the taps. Its so strongly lime tasting. You even get limescale build up on jugs, loos and taps. But Im surviving this by having bottled water. Solves all you see. Mmmm Volvic .... not to be confused with Vulva (ewww did she just say that?) WAIT I meant Volvo haa haa too late said it now in your mind. So yeah the water is something to get used to.

Only things at the moment are simply just getting used to being away from friends & family. Getting used to the food up here, the people traffic and London summers. It will be about 6 months before I settle in properly I know as I have been advised this by sooo many people. Although I didnt feel as out of place as I thought I would feel. I have settled into living somewhere else and it doesnt feel like Im on holiday. Which is good this is the way it should feel. And eventually when its all settled it will really feel like home. I truly am still amazed with the fact that Im in London though. I cant stress enough how much I have wanted to be over this side of the world for so many years. Im finally here now and thats just pretty awesome exciting on its own. 

Still living with Simon and Tim in Greenwich. These guys have been awesome to me. I cant thank them both enough. They have made it alot easier for me to move to the other side of the world. Im in a real home not in a hostel, there is routine here and I love routine. Helps you feel calm. This is why as many of you know its awesome that Im currently working at the moment. Yup

I started with Murphy Group (an Irish Contruction company that are nation wide: here is their website if you wanna know more about them) on Tuesday 30th Sept. Im working in the HR department helping them sort things out as they have been combining their departments, dont know how much Im allowed to say about what Im doing as well Im not sure on it yet. So thats all I will say. In the area where I am there are 8 people working. I have learnt new skills (all self taught I might add) with bargraphs in excel. SUPER easy I was glad to discover when using office 2010. However I did freak out a little bit when I let them know Im sure I can find something on the internet that will tell me what to do. Was worried the instructions would suck, but they were awesome and turns out its so easy its not funny. But handy thing is, now I know and the site I found has instructions for dummies, so screen shots of it and what to click on is circled. In fact Im a sucker for punishment or maybe I just love learning new things you be the judge - the latter is probably more acurate but Ive been online this afternoon and tried out how to do one of the things my coworker Kellie didnt know how to do. Will be awesome as I will be able to do it for her monday and show her how. FIGJAM!

Anyways as I was saying they are good people to work with and Im obviously enjoying the work as Im learning new things to do it. And getting back into the routine of working. Im gone for a fair amount of time each day though. Get up at 6am (which is normal) so I can leave by 7 and make the hour and a half journey to where I gotta go. I actually turn up almost half an hour early but its enough time to stop into a 'Corner Store' (dairy) before hand if need be or just get the head into work mode. I start at 9am and finish at 5.30pm, and therefore take the journey back home arriving round 7pm. To be honest I dont even really notice it takes that long becuase Im normally immersed in either the free papers you can get morning and evening to read or my book. Its only when you look at the time and realise when you left that your like fark I've been here a while. Its not bothering me yet becuase Auckland traffic is something I am used to sitting in. Getting home at that time does sorta suck but at the end of the day Im enjoying (already I know its only been 4 days baa haa Im a freak) that little majick word  'Routine'. 

Soooo what have I done since I last talked to you all? Well really its on the world of facebook for everyone to see, so most that read here already know whats going on. But for the sake of the blog what have I done. Well I have obviously been to a job interview, I actually had 2 in the one day which was something becuase I havent been in interviews in fark how many years? 7? Yeah think thats right. I didnt do an interview with Infinity/Fujitsu. I was hired on as a temp and it went permanent and was lucky enough that they didnt interview me to make the change. Then before that I was temping with Kelly Services for what must of been the 6months or more prior to working at Fooj, so that will make it almost 7 freaking years. Annnyways I was nervous leading up to them but I started the morning off with the interview with Matt and Mike from Murphy and it was really good. Wasnt nervous at all. I was relaxed and happy and felt like I was just chatting with people who I had just met off the street or something. So bonus for me becuase they liked me enough to ring Cara Personal (one of the recruitment agents Im with) and advise Julie they want to hire me and that was before lunch. My interview was at 9.30 that morning. Sweet. Stupidly though I was nervous for the second interview I went to. This was for a 9month contract as Reception/PA for a childrens book publishing company. I went from 2 people in the interview down to the 1 person & even though she was as lovely as I was nervous. I remember her asking me a question and I answered it, but in the middle of talking my brain went Fuck this Im going to Sleep and so I swear the second half of my response had nothing to do with what she asked me. WHAT THE FUCK BRAIN? She asked me like 20seconds ago and you fail me when I open my mouth
Yeah dumb brain

Needless to say I wasnt hired for that role. It wasnt too bad. I cant honestly even recall what she asked, and I have tried to remember but thickwit upstairs refuses to be embarrased. So we're just gunna drop it and be all excited that it can still learn purdy excel (baa haa haa geek). Haa anyways work is better than no work and thats awesome foursome. 

Whhhaaaat else?? Hmmmm I went for a big run/walk the other week. I went out and decided that I would go 'around the field' as it seemed big enough to get some exercise but not crazy huge that I would calapse and fall over from going so far. Anyways Im run/walking along and I turn the second corner of the field by the church and woah hidden bit of field. Ok sweet as not big AT ALL, go round it Ri your a little fattie you need the exercise. Sooo I do of course and get to a part that there are houses by, so since Im following the field edges I turn the corner again and whats that you see? More hidden field! But not just little bit I totally couldnt see behind the big arse church noooo this is big arse field that I cant even see where the end is. What the field? Sooooo becuase there's this road going down the centre of it I decide that I'll jog/puff/rest/walk along the road side field bit. Heeeyyy honestly this is the most exercise I've done in a looooong time gimme a break I got off my fat arse and puffed around with my music cheering me on. Thats enough right?
So this is how imagned I looked
And this is how I felt I looked. At least Homer has the awesome head and wrist bands. I lacked these items

Annnyways, I purchased a running magizene fri morning. It has a good section in there on running for beginners and its actually pretty good. Being that Im on the train for so long I got a bit of reading in and its actually pretty cool. So once or twice a week (or whatever said mag tells me) Im going to run. Before it gets into winter that is anyways.

What else has Rianimal got up to? Ahhh last week went out with the flatties and into a shop I've been dying to visit since I got here..... The Lomography Shop (love). It was great. I purchased a flash for my mini Diana & some film YAY. Was very cool to see all the cameras and books and stuff they had on sale there. Heapsa photos on display too. Cant wait till I can get my film developed. After we went through some markets close to where the store was then made out way to this great lil place Camera Cafe. Just popped in and had a squizz at all the old Cameras for sale. I love old cameras they look soooo amazing. They had both old and new cameras I might add and the store was tiny and dinky. Didnt end up having a drink there as it was crowded simply becuase its so small. 
Inside Camera Cafe shot 1
 You cant see them overly well but the case on the right behind the light is full of old RolleiFlex, Hasselblads & Leicas plus whatever else was crammed in there. 

After headed to a cafe for a feed, then met up with Simons sister and went to Walkabout in London where caught up with some kiwi friends. Donna and Steve, Fran and Paul from NZ & Auz I will admit & various others. It was pretty awesome to catch up with people who were here from kiwiland on holiday. After the rumble with the kiwis Si, Tim, Rach and I all went to dinner at a mexican resturant named Lupita in Charing Cross. Tasty food. Then for the awesome again. Walked across the River Thames and went to this cute lil fair thing at like 11 at night where we went on a couple riders there next to the London Eye. Awesome swing that lifts high up into the air and swings round so you get awesome views of London at night while sailing through the air. Fun. Went on another ride as well cant remember what it was called but Tim his arm out the seat thing as we were going round and round and if he hadnt been paying attention and pulled his arm back in it could of cam off. Turns out the things we were sitting in when they swing round come freakishly close to the control box. After we got out and walked through the carpark next to the mini fair to start heading back towards the train station, some chicks screamed next to us & naturally we turned. Only to be confronted by two chicks taking a piss. Tim saw all, I saw them pulling up their pants & Si caught the last of it. Haaa surprise for us. Classic. Was a good day and night over all. 

Anyways ahhh what other things have I done. Watched All Blacks Vs Australia recently in a oub. Silly Kiwis lost but well done to Aussie its the first time they have had the cup in a fair few years. Been down to the Greenwich markets quite a few times now I really love the place. This Thurs just gone I had dinner with some new friends. While I was on the Asia tour Lisa (whom I made great friends with) said that she would put me in touch with her friend Courtney who lives up this way. So Thurs night met up with her & her partner Nick & went to another delicious mexican (mmmm my fave) resturant named Wahaca. Had to wait an hour and a half to be served but it was well worth the wait. Was lovely meeitng new people. The two of them are very nice. Tomorrow at 1pm Im heading out to Putney for a get together of all the people who can be bothered going that are signed on with Egoli. They are having like a party thing to celebrate the busy season starting for waiterssing at events at hotels and so on. Something to do plus hopefully catch up with people I know there. I will be seeing my friend Alex, she brought me my ticket thankfully as I wasnt able to head into get my own. And hopefully there will be some others there. 
Anyways thats all I can think of that I've done. Will leave you with this really wicked video:


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