Wednesday, August 17, 2011

London Town

So I do have another Asia update in the works but I got board with writing about it so thought it was time to update you all on current things then I can update this site with a little more regularity. As you all know I am now living in London. Yes I read that sentence back to myself and it conjures up a little bit of excitement for me becuase fuck people I have been wanting to get my arse over here since I was a little kid. I have wanted to be here since I found out Dad was born on this side of the world, and here I am after all this hard work I'm here. I'm in London that my friend is something awesome all in itself. 

Anyways so I was picked up from the airport by my flatmate Simon, dude hired a car to pick me up which was really nice - was fully expecting trains which I woulda been sweet with. We drove around London and I looked out the window in awe. Ended up having a coffee at a nice lil coffee joint then eventually made our way back to the pad. Later on met my two other flatmates Tim and his younger brother Nick. I have moved to the other side of the world people and Im living with a kiwi and two Aussies who are half Kiwi as well haa haa. Its awesome. Also I feel more at home as Si and Tim both work in IT so they talk the lingo Im used to hearing and I have felt right at home. 

All three of the guys have looked after me since I have been here its been awesome. I have mastered the tubes with the help of all of them, geez the tubes what an experience. Used to them know but I have felt like a major tourist for a while. I dont know why but for some reason I didnt expect them to go so fast. Must be because the ones in NZ dont. Its been great living here. I really get along well with the guys I live with and after 5 weeks here I am still really happy Im here. This is where I am living:
 My room is the one above the front door
And these are my Flatmates. L2R: Simon, Nick and Tim

Well actually Nick no longer lives here. He moved back to Australia a week ago as he wasnt able to find a job here. So its just the two thugs either side of him now. I met Simon at my friend Cathie's wedding a few years ago and it was actually Cathie who asked Simon to look out for me while I was here. He has been doing so Cathie :O) You will be happy to know. By the way really cool to see you and Evie the other day on Skype even if it was a breif chat :O) 
So far the things I have done since been here is catch up with my cousin Robbie which was awesome. He tells me Im the first family he has had here in the 12 years he has been living in the UK. WOW! Rob has shown me Trafalgar Square, Big Ben - which I was really happy to see, Yuss another thing off my bucket list. So cool to do that. I guess I should publish my bucket list to you and you can see the ticks I have next to things already ..... AWESOME SAUCE! We also both jumped on a boat and took a ride back to Greenwich on the river Thames. So I have seen London from the water as well. One of the evenings I hung out at a particular pub Oz Clarke came and sat down at the table we were at and taste tested beers - yes for those that know who Oz Clarke is yes it was beers, he mentioned it was a passion of his, much like the wines. Soo for those that don't know Oz Clarke

He is probably one of Britans top Wine Writers/Tasters. He was a lovely gent who knew New Zealand well YAY! He is actually fond of our good ol kiwi Tui Beer and even has been along to Mangatainoka Brewery. He was rather dissapointed that the old Tui Brewery building is just a shell and there is nothing inside. Which I was always sad to hear as well but meh whatcha gunna do. He is a fan of the All Blacks and infact will be coming to NZ to watch the Rugby World Cup :O) Anywhos his friend that was there with me introduced me to a fruit beer that I rather enjoyed called: Liefmans Cuvee Brut. Supposed to have it with dark chocolate to enjoy it. Nice. Was good chatting to him and his friends. 

Have also been round to Rob's new flat and had a BBQ. Yummy. Going to catch up with him again next time he is back in the country (he's a British Airways pilot by the way)

What else have I done since I have been here? Oh went with Tim and Nick to the British National Portrait Gallery which was pretty awesome. Have a look here. There was a particular display that stood out amoung the rest becuase of how unique it was and that was some guy had made a 3D portrait of himself but it was in his own blood, then frozen, he has mixed it with silicone to make it stay in the shape it is I guess. For anyone who is interested here is the link on it. For those that arent interested in reading here is a pic of it below. The portrait is kept in a glass display that is chilled. Many other amazing things at the gallery but obviously this one sticks out like a sore thumb.
Marc Quinn in Blood and Silicone both disgusting and fantastic

 I've been lucky enough to venture out to a theme park named Thorpe Park with Simon, Tim, Nick and one of Simons mates Cath. That day was all about the roller coasters and Tea cup ride. Pretty wicked fun. We ended up with some crazy photos on the rides too and the faces we are all pulling are just priceless. I will pop a couple up in a tick just adding them to FB. 
Great fun was had by all as you can clearly see on our faces :D

2 weeks ago I went with all the flatties to an open air cinema at Somerset House and watched Scotty Pilgram vs The World. Absolutely fantastic movie and how cool to see it for the first time under the stars in London. It was fantastic.
I have caught up with a few friends here so far. My mate Josh who's been here for a year now. Or maybe a year and a half. Went down to his bar in Kingston. Caught up with Claire and Kylie down in East Croyden. Caught up with my step Mothers neice Shelley, really good to see her as the last time I saw her was when I was 12 & it was my Dad and Step Moms wedding. Survived the horrible riots that happened here recently and have now come down with a bug of some sort. Oooo fun.  Yet to catch up with Tess and Marieke. 

I have been working very very casual shifts for Elements Personal. I have worked the last 2 saturday nights waitressing at different hotels. First was a lovely Indian wedding at The Raggison. The second was another wedding much smaller at Claridges an extremely posh hotel. Infact the night before I was there Harrison Ford was having dinner there. Both nights were full on and on my feet the whole time. Both nights were actually quite fun. Not much pay but better than nothing.
Now I have the horrid task of trying to find a job while my money steadily runs out :( Hopefully something will come along soon. Just have to think positive 

Anyways thats all I can be bothered to write about now. Miss you Kiwiland. Jealous I didnt get to see the snow in Aucks. Saw the photos though. Hope your all keeping safe and warm

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