Friday, December 17, 2010

What to tell you?

What to tell you. Well I have written all my christmas cards and almost all have been sent out. This year I did a family newsletter with the card. Was kinda fun to write one up and send it out. Although I didnt proof read it before it was printed and it didnt end up being the best of all English haa haa but I did put in a few nice photos with it and a fun boarder and chritmas pix.

Friday night was the work Christmas Do down at the Kingslander this year. It was a really good venue and a fun night. Saturday morning picked up the little sister and drove from Auckland down to Hahei for the annual trip with mates down there. Weather was PERFECT the whole time we were down there. Wish it was the full time I normally go for but I think at the end it was just what I needed to get out of Auckland for the weekend. Finally went over to Cathedral Cove for the first time while down there too. Got some awesome photos. Its soo stunning there, beautiful sand, water and views.

And this my friends is for now all I can think of writing especially at this hour but here are photos I have taken at Cathedral Cove and Hahei that I have put through my Poladroid program.

Enjoy my pretties. I will talk to you all again soon


  1. Thanks Andrew! The Skull was on a fence on the walk down to Cathedral Cove in Hahei :O)
    Merry Christmas, See ya in the new year