Friday, November 26, 2010

Mebo to the rescue

Gareth brought himself a Wii the other day. He also brought a fit board and the latest James Bond game with conrtoller. So far so good as in he has only used it twice that I know of. Not bad for owning it a whole week. And of course everything is black.

Anyways he was doing some yoga moves tonight and got me to do a couple with him. Two didnt require the fit board or whatever its called. The last moveI tried was on the board and you had to keep your balance dot within this yellow circle. This was the illfated pose, the circle and perfect balance:
Perfect red dot right in the centre of the yellow one. Awesome for the picture but me my red was a scraggley line more to the left and half inside the dot half outside & pretty much just went everywhere. Haa haa turns out Rianimal has no blance. But then Gareth's was only slightly better so made me feel good. Anyways Im really not interested. I'm not exactly a big fan of computer games.

I also proceeded to burn my hand tonight. Most of the under side of my index finger and a little bit on the middle finger. We had toasted sandwiches tonight as both were not overly hungry. Anywho I decided that doing two things at once would be a good idea, move some things on the chopping board and close the lid to the already heated george forman grill. Only I didnt put my hand on its handle, it went directly only the searing hot metal of the lid. Yowzers! Hand under cold water for 20mins, and now have my mirical burn repair cream on taking away all the pain and ensuring I am not left with scars. Wonderful Mebo

Tomorrow going to meet baby Noah Charles Harrison. My cousin Nick and his wife Lisa recently had their first. So looking forward to meeting the little squished up bundle.

Till next time here is a stop motion short of the book Im reading that was done by the author, she even composed the music for it:
She has even done one for the next book Shiver, which obviously I will read next. So far really enjoying the book:
There is a 3rd book coming out next year called Forever and supposidly a movie, dont know how 100% that is. Hopefully she will do a stop animation for that too :O)

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