Thursday, October 21, 2010

sick again blah

Im addicted to this song right now, who would of known Milla was a great singer.

Excuse the odd dancing Maynard, its a great clip though. I only heard the song for the first time Tuesday night ago and I have already played it like 80 odd times already. Thank goodness for headphones otherwise I dare say Gareth would be smashing my speakers up right about now.

So Im freaking sick again! Go figure aye? A sinus infection I think but whatever it is its making my voice sound all funny. However not as cool as Sarah's when we went to her BBQ Housewarming the other day. That girl sounded exactly like Bonnie from Family Guy "I'll change you in a minute Joe" I dont think I am as sick as she got. Poor thing couldnt even get out of bed and was in A&E. I have practically slept the day away. I have been up for a total of 2 and a half hours. Feel like I could go back to sleep as well.

Tuesday night Gareth and I went to see Smashing Pumpkins. Yes my god we went to see SP. Well the only original member was Billy (or "My real name is actually William" as he so informed us) but the other members could play the music and sing the songs so we werent complaining. It was really awesome, we got well known songs like Today, Ava Adore, Tonight Tonight, Bullet with Butterfly wings, My fave was done accoustically Disarm by Billy on his own. It was awesome. As soon as I am well enough again I will grab my camera from work and put photos up on FB. The Smashing Pumpkins tickets were a birthday pressie from Gareth.

Anyways this is all I can be bothered writing. Im going to eat now. Ciao
James Frain

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