Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow its been a while

Sorry all those who read regularly but I honestly havent been in the mood lately to write my blog. But tonight have been inspired.

So 13th Feb my Da and bro Liam were up from Napier and we headed up to Orewa to visit Nana Margaret for a bit before we headed out to walk through Orewa. They were opening the boardwalk or something up there so there was markets out on the street and I took a few photos:

The Crowd
Stilts Entertainment
I wanna play
Wait I wanna ride in THAT!
Ooooo fun!
Why cant I be little enough for these things anymore?
I think this is pics of the part they were celebrating the opening of, dunno never actully looked for it oops
I think this out does my Star Car just a tad
please tell me you love my star car more - its pretty fun though, with its austin powers number plate and all
Terrys Orange Chocolate mmmmm yummy. Miss you
Saturday night Gareth took me out to dinner at Knights On Albert for Valentines Day, then we went to see that dumb movie Avatar again. I only went along to see it as he was keen to watch it at Imax in 3D again. I wasnt keen as I dont like the movie all that much. But it was something he really wanted to see and my gift for him still hasnt even arrived so I put up with it. I was hoping that maybe after seeing it a second time I might enjoy it more but it was still sub par to me. However Weta Digital you ROCK! Its amazing special effects guys!
Sunday headed round to my Aunty Jackie's place to meet my Dad's Uncle David who was over from New Jersey for 2 weeks. It was really nice to meet him, plus was cool having Dad and Liam up from Napier plus Robbie and Kate over from England & USA for it. Dad gave him a gift of a Greenstone which had been blessed but then we passed it round the family and blessed it ourselves with our well wishes and good vibes. Which I thought was a really nice extra touch.
The Harrison Extension Family Photo
With me too, Sorry allignment of photos all stuffed up

Monday 8th through till Friday 19th I rasied money at work for Cancer Society Relay for Life. I raised $407 total. I did the Relay on Sat 20th till Sun 21st just gone. It was amazing. Our team the Wild West Sherrifs raised $1372 from our team. Did a total of 582 laps over the 18 hours we were there and managed to come runner up in the Best Theme. There were heapsa things on to entertain us during our time there. Tug-O-War, Line Dancing, Fire Dancing, Aerobics. It all started off with a survivours lap around the track - the aim to keep someone from your team on the track going round the whole time your there with a batton to work for the money you raised. Well it was see how many times you can walk around the World. At 9pm we had a gathering together where we lit up the words HOPE on a hillside after hearing their meaning and had a walk of silence round the track with everyone looking at the rememberance bags that were placed along the track all lit up with tea lights inside. It was pretty moving, all those names to remember those who have passed from Cancer. Not easy. Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, Sister, Brother, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Friends we all knew someone. Too many names. I stayed the nigth with Kimi (who planned and organised our team), An-Ya, Mike and Lynn. We each had turns of heading round the track for an hour in the wee small hours of the night. It was really peaceful. There were plenty people on the track too so it wasnt too lonely. So proud of everyone in our team. We did really well. Our outfits were awesome, had the tent decorated and everything. It was great fun. Think Im keen on it for next year, even though I didnt get much sleep and sore feet its worth doing for what we are raising money for. Here are some photos. The rest are on my facebook account:

The Wild West Sherriffs starting the Relay following the survivours of Cancer
The printed Tees we had done of Gareth's Mum Jos (a close friend of theirs) and their Grandad (Lynns Dad)
One of our tents all decorated pretty
Jeremy Corbet was there from the MoreFM Team
Oh Dear our team loosing Tug-O-War - was fun though
hmm I cant quite figure out how to rotate this sorry. These are some of our decorated bags. Mine has Live Strong on it
The Bunting girls. An-Ya left and Kimi right great fun to be with
Me all geared up for the track
Our Team Photo. Those missing were doing the rounds on the track
Sherriff Ladies in Pink Hats
Bit Blurry sorry but this is the bags all lit round the track. They went all through the night and we had to put them out in the morning
HOPE - Have it!
The pic from the back of my T, Unk Ian and Nana Margaret

The whole event was amazing and great fun :O)

This week so far have seen Wolfman at Cinemas, tomorrow night heading round to drop off Jo's cd's she has leant me and then over to Nikki's for a craft night. Think Thurs night will head round to Lana Bananas place to say hi to her :o) Now I think I'll do me usual pics from net and stuff I enjoy sharing with you all

Haa haa click to enlarge and read. This is the pocahantas plot line edited to show it was simply Avatar. Not that I care too much just funny. If the plot line was too deep then everyone would of missed it becuase of how in awe they were over the special effects. Either way have a giggle
Lovely old pic
just like it
Life is too short... Enjoy the simple things x
Yup it will be
A Scene from The Time Travellers wife. Henry and Claires wedding (Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams)
Funny Pic saw it and giggled all over again so you can too
Oh so Adoramoreable :O)
BEP's new video clip its long btw
Kellan Lutz
hmmm helloo

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