Monday, September 7, 2009

Im in Australia update 1

So since Friday 4th Sept I have been a busy girl. On the friday night my Gareth took me out to dinner at the Knights on Albert where we had a lovely meal. It was a 2 for one deal that Gareth got, but we also managed to get free drinks and free dessert which is always a nice plus. After dinner G took me to see District 9. WOW what a fantastic movie! Really different from what we're all used to. Just a really well put otgether movie. I recommend seeing.
Saturday was packing for Oz day. Got all packed and I am pretty sure I remembered everything. So far havent come across anything missed so thats gotta be a good thing. Rang my lil bro Seth as it was his 17th birthday, my how time flies cant believe he's that age already. Chatted to my lil sista as well. For the rest of afternoon relaxed with my G.
Got driven to the airport by G & while I was inline getting ready to check in my mum came up and grabbed me. Was a really nice surprise. Her Garry had driven her out to the airport to see me off which was wicked. Didnt take long before I had to go and jump on the plane. Said my goodbyes and rushed through everything to get to the plane. Of course my plane was at the other end of the freaking airport and I had to walk forever to get there.
Flight was good, lil bumpy in places and they kept having interrupting announcements but other than that all good. I watched Angles and Demons in flight. But want to see it again as it was rather dark and hard to hear. But enjoyed it for the most part.
Garry & Stace were there to meet me so cool to see them. We then headed to their place. On the way stopped off at Noodle Bar to pick up dinner. So came back had the tour of their humble abode and chatted for a while before ended up going to bed. I was woken up by the bloody god awful sound of a kookaburra at about 4 or so in the morning. My god what a racket. Thank goodness I brought earplugs. Eventually he shut up and I managed to get back to sleep again.
I ended up waking up at must of been 6am AU Time which would of been 8am NZ Time. Noisey birds and so bright in my room. Had breakky did the dishes and settled down to read my true blood while I waited for Garry & Stace to stumble out of bed. Popped on down to Cooles Supermarket so I could pick up Soy Milk and a copupla other nibbles for while I am here. All 3 of us then took a trip over to the large shopping mall Chermside and I managed to blow near on $300 in a day hee hee eh thats what holidays are all about. Shopping lol! I brought 3 new books Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, The Lovely Bones and Magician. Yya new books Im sooo happy. I also brought True Blood Season One and Private Practice Season One on DVD. I got Gareth Night Watch and Day Watch on Blu Ray as I wasnt able to find Equilibrium on Blu Ray. But I will find it.
Yesterday was nice and sunny and warm. They reckon its been cold but Im happy with the amount of heat on offer. I had a lovely afternoon snooze and round 6pm that night Staceys mum and dad arrived and her Aunty Carol turned up for dinner. We all had good chats and I emailed my baby to say what I had been up to for the day. This morning I managed an hour more sleep than yesterday, woke up to bright sun in my window. Have had brekkie and a chat with Staceys Dad. Now around 10am and some grey clouds have rolled over. From what I have heard though they generally should pass on in another hour or so. Dont know what the plan of attack is today so thought I would update my blog for now. Hopefully I can get photos onto the page today as I wasnt able to upload last night and cancelled my update. Garry showed me a lil thing which might make it successful otherwise I dont know. Anyways photo update time and then I am off to read my True Blood: Dead Until Dark book.
Nope apparently I still cant update photos. I think Java updates may need to happen but not sure. Will have to check with Garry when he gets back from work this afternoon.
Ciao for now

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  1. $300 in one day - ahh you GO YOU GOOD THING! as you said that is what holidays are ALL ABOUT...... pretty quiet here today - i miss our chats xxxxxxxxxxx have f-u-n (and thanks for my awesome email I got when I arrived at work - luv you 2 babes!)