Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gunna try post more

So I have decided I am going to try and post on this blog a little more often. Going to do things like a photo a day - of anything and nothing in particular. Put up more things that interest me as there is so much more out there. So this is hopefully the first of daily updates - wonder how long it will last for I really have to be in the mood to do these things.

So currently I am reading a book recommed to me by my new Aunty Stace (weird she needs to be my cousin) its called BattleAxe its book one in the Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass. So far its pretty cool. But i have barely even touched the serface, only 110 pages in.
Happy Im finally managing to read a little faster than I used to. It means I can read more books hee hee.

My first 2 photos for the whole photo a day thing are pretty boring as I just decided this minute that thats what I planned on doing. So here they are
Just a pic of me, nothing fantastic as Im getting over being sick, not that Im fantastic looking anyways but could be worse
And this is a photo of a screen saver on my other montior at work, its a photo Gareths dad John took so I cant take credit for it unfortunately as its a pretty amazing shot. Its a phtos from up Snells Beach somewhere where John owns a lil place.
So I have been informed of this website - TWILIGHT FANS - for those who may not know. Head to Bellas apparently some fan has written daily an update everyday after the end of breaking dawn as if she is Bella Swan. Pretty cool thing for Twilight Fans. So for anyone who is interested and doesnt have a clue about this website yeehooo check it out :O)
Im also pretty happy as my mate Dan advised me that Grey's Anatomy season 6 starts in the states tonight YAY and booo as we have to say goodbye to George. So guess what I will be doing tomorrow. Yes thats right watching Grey's I know naughty naughty but Im not the only one who does it (not that that is any excuse).
Well gunna sign off now my lunch break finished 10mins ago, maybe tomorrow I'll have a better photo to put up. Oh also in my interrupted sleep last night I had a dream about writing a book. I ended up writing down what I could remember so I might have myself a short story on my hands. But then Im no entertaining writer and if I cant manage to write here daily then dunno how I will manage a short story. I'll give something a go though and when its finished I'll let ya know.

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