Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding photo Nerves & other stuff

So turns out I'm pretty nervous still about doing the wedding photography for my Uncle Garry & his partner Stacey. They keep telling me they love my photos and I have had positive feedback from many other mates about my photos. Problem is I'm no professional and this is their wedding. Plus also at the moment its winter & taking photos is a little hard. I need to practise but I dont have people to photograph. Sooo I all I can do is read and try my best to get out there and photograph when its not raining. Need to try figure out somewhere I can go to take photos indoors.
I took some pretty good photos at my cousin Nick's wedding, they asked me to photograph their reception and they were exceptionally happy with the results. I guess right now I just dont have alot of confidence in myself for taking photos. Right I need to get out of this rut and learn and practise and come the wedding in September I will be prepared and great at the photography. Think I might ask if there is freinds or family how have events they want photographed. I have an issue with my camera already though and thats when its taken a few too many photos with the flash it starts taking longer and longer to charge the flash and the result is people get impatient, the good shot dissapears and generally I give up just to make it easier. Hopefully I might be able to have a couple of batteries handy for using on the day.

Ok so my 16 weeks rock'it to shock'it has been half good half bad. I went for big walk on tues night were I did about 1300 odd steps, but the following day I barely did 6 thousand. Today however I went out for half an hour walk down to the bank and have so far managed 7413 steps. I havent been to the gym as I dont have the $3 for the parking. Yup it costs me to park at my gym as I live in town. However I do put that $3 on a Warehouse Christmas club card, which I will be able to spend in december. So handy!!!! I have been eating pretty healthy, today I had an apple pie becuase I came home, climbed into bed and felt like being sick. I ate it to cheer me up. Exercise tomorrow - haa haa after drinks at work - I should be able to walk for 2 hours and will be sober after I've finished haa haa. Nah I'll see lol!

7 days till my surgery. I'm happy about it because these lesions they found have a 20% chance of ddeveloping into cancer. So removing them removes that 20% at developing cancer. However they are cutting off parts of my cervix (or round there anyways) that could mean I might need to be stiched when I eventually get pregant. No fun as I'm already disadvantaged there having a bicornuate womb, I have a horn down the centre, which pretty much means I have a heart shaped box - I'm full o love haa haa (who knew Nirvana was my kinda band!). This can cause problems with preganacy as if the horn doesnt move out the way properly - well it can cause problems.

Well I have been inspired by another mate of mine who does blogging so I'm going to try and spice things up. I have soooo much on my mind that I could talk about but its if anyone is interested or not. Meh who cares if you dont like it I enjoy talking about it and I love talking and writing :)

Till next time

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